“I can’t imagine being without green spaces” – Emily’s story

Need some inspiration before entering our video competition for 11-24 year olds? Then read on, as seventeen-year old Emily, Green Academies Volunteer and ‘Friend of Felin’ at Erddig tells us what nature means to her.

Emily, Green Academies Volunteer. National Trust Images.

“I can’t imagine being without green spaces and I don’t feel like it should be something we fear to lose, but unfortunately this is the future that we may be facing. I feel peaceful in the outdoors. To be within a realm of beautiful life, much of which has been there long before me and will outlast can be very humbling. The world has gone on despite the issues that have arisen so far and that’s deeply inspiring. Yet, it’s saddening that we continue to do things to harm her to the extent that her ability to recover is threatened.

I encourage my family to be more environmentally minded and to consciously reduce the amount of plastic waste we take into our house, to plan meals to reduce food waste, and to buy second hand when possible.

Personally I also began gradually reducing my meat intake last year until becoming fully vegetarian. Not something I’d force on other people, but I don’t miss meat and feel that it pushes me to make healthier and fresher meals personalised to my own taste, while helping to reduce global meat consumption even if only marginally. I think that being more environmentally minded is a lot more accessible than some people might think.

I’ve been part of the ‘Friends of Felin Puleston’ group at Erddig for just under a year now, educating myself and my friends on conservation measures and building an eco-garden that will hopefully be tended to by future groups. I’m a bit biased towards Erddig based on its close proximity. Although I’m used to having it on my doorstep, I still recognise what a privilege it is to have such a historic and beautiful area to use for walks, meeting friends, and being able to simply enjoy quiet time.

We still have plenty of spaces which should be protected and more appreciated, and we should preserve and pass on as much as we feasibly can to the next generation. Green spaces may not have been specifically created for our pleasure, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have purpose, or give us the right to destroy them.”

Do you also have a story to share about your connection to nature?  Why not enter our 90 second video competition for 11-24 year olds – all you have to do is tell us what nature means to you to win a bumper backpack of prizes, including a waterproof camera, Garmin and FitBit. 

Find out more on the website: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/green-academies-project-film-competition. And hurry, it closes at midnight on Sunday 15th July!

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