National Trust reaction to HS2 ‘green corridor’ strategy

Today HS2 Ltd has released plans for a ‘green corridor’ stretching alongside the railway, Please see the below reaction from the National Trust regarding the plans.

Ingrid Samuel, Historic Environment Director of the National Trust said:

“Today’s announcement for a ‘green corridor’ alongside HS2 is a sticking plaster solution. If HS2 Ltd really intends to support local wildlife and communities, while integrating the railway into the landscape, then more ambition is required and design of the railway needs to reflect this ambition.

“An increase to the Woodland Fund, and the previously announced funds available to local communities to help with the disruption caused by the construction of HS2, are welcome but on their own are unlikely to be enough to deliver an overall improvement to the environment affected by HS2.  These funds should not be a remedy for poor design of the railway.

“The National Trust has put forward detailed mitigation proposals near our places affected by HS2, such as at Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire, taking a place-based approach to limit the impacts of the railway while creating opportunities for nature, people and the historic environment.”

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