Fracking at Clumber Park

You might have seen in the news that petrochemical firm Ineos is seeking to conduct tests to find shale gas at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire.  The case has now been passed to the High Courts by the Oil and Gas Authority.

“Our founding principle is to protect the beautiful places in our care, and we believe Ineos has not yet followed the proper planning process, which would involve them fully considering the potential environmental impacts.

“Clumber Park is a Grade I listed park and gardens, much of which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and visited by over half a million people each year. In our view, Ineos haven’t demonstrated to the Trust why it is necessary to carry out any surveys here or address our other reasons for refusing to grant access.

“We have no wish for our land to play any part in extracting gas or oil. We are already seeing the impacts of climate change at many of our places, and we have launched a programme to dramatically cut our own fossil fuel usage at our properties.

“We’re disappointed by the OGA’s decision but due to the legal status of the case we can’t comment any further at this stage.”

2 thoughts on “Fracking at Clumber Park

  1. I absolutely endorse NT’s opposition to fracking, here or anywhere. We will have to stop extracting petrochemicals from the earth’s crust at some point, since they are a finite resource – no new ones are being created. We now have the technology to exploit natural energy, which is constant and abundant, so there is no logic in continuing to support a redundant industry, whose products are a threat not only to human health but to our very survival on this planet. Stop it!

  2. I totally agree with Peter Thompson. Fracking is truly an abomination and must be stopped at all costs. We simply have to look at the irreversible damage Hydraulic Fracturing has caused to environments around the world, to know why it must never be allowed to rear its ugly head here in the UK.

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