Young people are calling for a 250 year vision for nature

Representing the voices of young people today, A Focus on Nature sets out its vision for the natural world in 2050 and far beyond.

Illustration by Apithanny Bourne, Vision For Nature report 2016

Illustration by Apithanny Bourne, Vision For Nature report 2016

Today A Focus on Nature, an engaged group of young nature conservationists, launches its Vision for Nature report. The culmination of two years’ work gathering views from over 200 people, the report reveals what the youth of today want to see in the natural world by 2050 and beyond, and some ideas for getting there.

Calling for Government to set out a 250-year (not just 25-year) vision for nature, the report highlights 7 key recommendations for the next 7 Governments and how the youth of today are eager to work with governments, businesses and NGOs to make their vision a reality.

With asks for Government, the nature conservation sector and businesses, the report recognises that achieving really positive change for nature is a joint effort in which everyone needs to play their part.

None of us own the natural world. We only hold it in trust for the next generation.  It is cause for hope that, as this report shows, so many of those who inherit it feel the same.

Sir David Attenborough, 2016, welcoming the report

A poll of under-34s commissioned to support the report reveals the extent to which nature matters young people today.

  • Almost nine out of 10 of the 643 people aged between 16 and 34 who were surveyed thought it was important for politicians, businesses, individuals such as themselves and charities to take care of wildlife and the environment.
  • Almost two-thirds (65%) said environmental policies were more important than policies on transport and half (51%) said they were more important than measures on immigration.
  • Some 59% said environment policies were as important as those on healthcare.

Young people have a very distinctive role to play in this debate, which is one that passes through generations.  We very much support A Focus on Nature in articulating their vision.

Join the discussion at #VisionforNature and find out more about A Focus on Nature on their website:

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