REI Programme Team Full Steam Ahead

In 2012 The National Trust made a conscious commitment to becoming more energy sustainable following comprehensive energy auditing. Emma Griffiths, Heat Lead for the REI programme, explains the steps being made to achieve this commitment.


Renewable Energy Project Managers

Renewable Energy Project Managers © National Trust

In April 2014 we successfully completed a £3.5 million pound pilot programme of projects which demonstrated the positive change and innovation that can be brought about by having a national approach.  In 2015 the success and impact was significant enough that National Trust Trustees approved a £33 million programme, which meant that another 60 projects, split between renewable heat and hydro, could be delivered. We are directly contributing to the 50 per cent renewable energy target which we aim to reach by 2020.

Over the last few months we have been busy getting the full REI (Renewable Energy Investment) programme and programme team up and running. There are 10 Project Managers and me as Heat Programme Lead.  Each project manager works regionally so we are already gaining momentum right across the Trust and making a positive difference.

It is such a privilege to work for the Trust and with a great team. We already have 8 projects running with a further 32 in development, we are a busy bunch!

Our first Heat project was completed last October at Upton House, Banbury. It was completed in record time just 6 months after the programme was launched, which is testimony to our nationally co-ordinated approach and having dedicated project managers.

Biomass boiler at Upton House

Boiler at Upton House © National Trust

Last month saw the completion of the biomass installation at Saltram House in the South West completed by Peter Bee.  We are on site with an installation at Nunnington in the North of England, being completed by Ed Wood and Victoria Lancaster.  And also a lake source heat pump at Blicking Estate in the East of England.

We are gaining an incredible amount of learning by working together on a national programme and we regularly visit new projects. This month we visited Upton House which was a great opportunity for the team to see the difference the new renewable heating system is making to the property.

Over the next 6 months all the project managers will be uploading blogs on their experiences and learning through their projects and the programme so watch this space.

Emma Griffiths, Heat Lead for the REI programme

For information about the Trust’s energy work visit our website –


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