National Conference to Tackle Responsible Retrofit of Traditional Buildings

Image taken by Tim Weisselberg


Pre-1919 buildings make up one in five homes in the UK and represent nearly a third of the buildings in the private rental sector. Retrofit is an important part of lowering emissions and delivering energy savings, but using wrong materials and approaches on traditional buildings can actually decrease energy efficiency and cause severe damage over time. A one-size-fits-all approach could be counterproductive and lead to costly mistakes.

On Wednesday 3 of June, the Fit for the Future Network will present the first national conference to tackle responsible retrofit for traditional buildings, in partnership with the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA).

The conference, taking place in Bristol at the At-Bristol Science Centre, will equip participants from Local Authorities, Housing Associations and private landlords who are planning or delivering retrofit programmes with the tools to deliver real energy savings whilst protecting the fabric of historic buildings and the health of occupants.

With support from National Trust, Historic England, Bristol City Council, Sustainable Homes, the Centre of Refurbishment Excellence, Centre for Sustainability Energy and more, the conference brings together experts from the UK’s most experienced organisations within the built environment and heritage sectors.

As well as hands-on training sessions and workshops there will be discussions and presentations of practical, affordable case studies. Participants will come away with the tools to develop effective retrofit strategies, and the confidence to identify and manage risks. There will also be the opportunity to develop a robust national support network and continue informal discussions over drinks in the evening.

The conference will benefit sustainability practitioners, building surveyors, engineers, asset, programme and risk managers, conservation and planning officers, contractors, designers and supply chain associates.

Members of the Fit for the Future Network and the STBA can purchase tickets at a discounted prince. Early bird offers are also available until 30 April.

Click here for the full conference programme or head to the Eventbrite page to get your ticket


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