My Experience as a Media, Campaigns and Communications Intern

Hi I’m Rachel and I’m the current intern for Land and Landscape and for HS2. Having graduated from Oxford with a degree in History, I wasn’t sure what job I wanted to do and this internship seemed like a great chance to get some work experience and learn about the National Trust and how charities work at the same time.

I’m based in External Affairs and within that I am in 2 teams: Land and Landscape, and HS2.

What kind of work have I been involved with?

I’ve been involved with a real mixture of projects from office based research to being out and about at properties and helping at NT events. Some examples of my projects:

  • Completing research projects which have been used to support the HS2 project
  • Creating a weekly news update which gets sent out to staff across the Trust about planning, energy and many other topics
  • Writing blogs for the NT Places blog
  • Learning how to film and edit including going on an intern trip to Avebury to shoot our footage
  • Organising the catering for the Landscapes for Everyone launch in Parliament
  • Writing the minutes for Planning Board where sensitive issues are discussed (and updating the way these are done to make them more efficient and effective)
  • Creating the HS2 content for the website
  • A research project into development pressure in AONBs involving contacting AONBs across the country to find out their views
  • Lobbying MPs

What’s a typical day like?

I work in Heelis and normally arrive about 9. During the day I will spend some time checking my emails and responding to anything that needs attention then get on with whatever projects I’m working on. At lunchtime the interns all meet up and have lunch together in the atrium or take a wander around the outlet centre. In the afternoon I might have meetings with the team and then carry on working on my projects until around 5. About once a week I’ve tended to spend at least half a day out of the office going to meetings somewhere else. I’ve also been on day trips to properties for meetings or spent days in the London office at Grosvenor Gardens.

What’s been the best bit?

My highlight has been helping organise the launch event in Parliament for Landscapes for Everyone. I was in charge of catering which was great fun contacting suppliers and trying to come up with the best way of providing refreshments. Then on the day being in Parliament and casually chatting with MPs as I served them apple juice (NT branded, of course). It was great being given the responsibility to run this section of the event myself.

What’s the working environment like?

Everyone is really friendly and keen to help. My mentors have been really helpful and are really approachable to ask questions about anything. The intern managers are really keen to help with any of the little day to day problems covering everything from helping book trains to finding a stapler as well as monitoring our workloads and happiness!

Would I recommend it?

Definitely! Its been an amazing experience and I’ve learnt a lot about the National Trust and the projects I’ve been involved in. I feel like I’ve been given real work to do and have been able to make a valued contribution to the teams I’ve worked with. There is also the opportunity to spend a bit of time in other teams or to chat to other departments which has helped me gain a better understanding of what I want to do next. I’ve had loads of great experiences (and of course they all look good on a CV!). I would entirely recommend this internship as a brilliant experience.

Want to join us?

We’re looking for five fantastic interns to join our Communications and External Affairs teams.  Apply by 15th February to get involved. 

  • Coast Campaign Internship
  • Energy & Fit for the Future Network Internship
  • High Speed 2 (HS2) Internship
  • Land and Landscape Internship
  • Video Communications Internship

Check out the role profiles here:


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