Green carpet award ceremony for National Trust environmental stars

Environmental stars from the National Trust got the chance to walk the green ‘grass’ carpet at a glitzy award ceremony this month at Anglesey Abbey.

green carpet (2)

Miranda Campbell, our environmental advisor for the East of England, writes:

Unsung environmental heroes were finally recognised at the first ever National Trust regional Environmental Awards, held last night at Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge. As always, these things start small – with the thought of sending a certificate to the “Meter Manager of the Year” – which grew… and grew… into the pretty glitzy event experienced last night, complete with Bafta-style envelopes to reveal the winners (extraordinary how excited people get about opening an envelope). 

Peter Nixon, the Trust’s Director of Conservation, gave a rousing keynote speech. He explained how appropriate the “Fit” in “Fit for the Future” is, with its connotations of health, resilience and “Phwoar-factor”!

Winners at the charity’s first ever Environmental Awards scooped prizes in ten categories, including Green Team of the Year and Holiday Cottage Hero. Three awards were sponsored by leading businesses in the field – Best Energy Reduction (sponsored by Good Energy), Wise Use of Water (sponsored by Anglian Water) and Waste-not Winner (sponsored by Biffa).

And the coveted Green Team of Year award went to… Sheringham Park


Helen Dangerfield, Head of Conservation and Sponsor of our Environmental Management System in our region, said: “The awards are something we wanted to do to reward and recognise the huge commitment and efforts made by our teams to think about the environment in all we do. Celebrating achievements is vital in motivating us to keep going. We are delighted that many of our partners have joined with us in supporting these awards.”

Find out about the other winners and our environmental work at our Going Green blog.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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