Why everyone should embrace video storytelling

In this blog post Gina Richards explains why she thinks everyone should be embracing video communications…

I am lucky enough to be the current video intern at the National Trust at such an exciting time – as here at the Trust we’re really starting to utilize the power of video.

Now with 7 out of 10 online adults using video sharing sites, and with YouTube having over 1 billion unique visitors each month, the power of video is undeniable.  Communicating through video presents the ability to connect with people on a human and emotive level, positioning the viewer as an active agent of change. People are watching video (unlike television which is prominently in the evening) at all times of day thanks to mobile devices making video communication more accessible then ever.

So we are in the process of overhauling our YouTube channel, and focusing more on video communications to share some amazing stories through the power of video.

Why video?

Sometimes words aren’t enough to tell a great story. Witnessing a story unfold before our eyes really engages us. A great example is the video below. No article could tell this story better than watching this video could, which shows a deaf Joanne Milne being able to hear for the first time.


Agents of change

Successful video storytelling was the cause of the fastest growing viral video of all time, with over 3.7 million people pledging their support and 43 milion views in the first two days on YouTube; Kony 2012 was a successful example of the power of great video storytelling. Great stories like this anchor the viewer as active agents of change who play a dominant role in creating solutions to the problems they face.


National Trust and Video

Here at the National Trust we protect and maintain some very special places for everyone to enjoy. With these special places comes some great stories that we love sharing with you.  We love to show you the people who are protecting these special places, the wildlife we are protecting and also the fun things we are up to. Great video storytelling can allow us to communicate sometimes complex ideas, or something that might seem irrelevant or distant in a way that’s relatable.

The personal nature of video allows us to communicate the great work we’re doing for projects, such as the Plas Newydd marine pump, in a way that connects with people and helps them understand the importance of the work and the Trust’s values.

Check out our YouTube channel which we regularly update with great stories from some of the nation’s favorite places.


Gina, is a Media and Communications intern focusing on producing video to support the many upcoming National Trust projects. As a Graphic Design graduate, she is passionate about communicating inspiring ideaGina Richards blog images and important issues.


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