Running along the Ridgeway

What’s your favourite outdoor memory? For Helen Ghosh, Director General of the National Trust, it’s walking along the Ridgeway in Oxfordshire in summer sunshine with her children. She tells the story in a new video to support the National Trust’s work to connect children with nature.

This week the National Trust is supporting new campaign Project Wild Thing in asking people to share what they love about ‘wild time’, sparking a conversation about why getting out into nature is important.

Project Wild Thing is a new campaign, supported by thousands of individuals and organisations, aimed at getting a generation of young people in the UK outdoors and back to nature.

Launched with the release of a feature documentary film last October, Project Wild Thing is calling on everyone – children, parents, grandparents, teachers – to take the Wild Time pledge and spend at least 30 minutes more time outdoors every day.

The campaign is a reaction to how disconnected from nature children and young people have become. The RSPB estimates that just 1 in 5 children under twelve have a ‘connection to nature’. More children can identify a Dalek than can spot a Magpie.

If there is one thing that’s missing out this Valentine’s Day it’s nature. In Project Wild Thing, broadcaster and naturalist Chris Packham bemoans how ‘biodiversity has fallen, the number of species listed as endangered has increased, the pressure on the countryside has increased tenfold, and the species that’s closest to extinction out there in British woods and waysides is the kid’.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re asking people to forego the teddies and bottles of champagne and share why they love nature – in a blog, on video or through a social media posting.

David Bond, Marketing Director for Nature and star of the recent Project Wild Thing film, said: ‘Every February we spend hundreds of millions on romance. This year, ditch the spending and help us re-wild a generation of kids with a wild Valentine’s message for nature.’

Go to to find out more about the campaign and join the movement.


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