Opportunity Knocks

Katie Canning reflects on her time as a Media, Campaigns and Communications Intern, and explains why it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Have you ever dreamt of working with a dynamic and exciting group of experts? Do you desire a platform to break into the competitive worlds of media, campaigns and communications? Are you passionate about the National Trust and our mission to look after special places forever, for everyone? Then look no further than our Media, Campaigns and Communications Internship.

Having interned with the National Trust since September, my four fellow interns and I know better than most the challenges of gaining useful and employable skills to enter the world of work.


I graduated from University last summer and was set on working for a heritage organisation. Like many, I had a range of voluntary and paid experiences. This said, I really needed an opportunity to polish the skills I had begun to acquire, and learn new skills that I hadn’t a chance to whilst at University.

My internship focuses on the National Trust’s energy campaign. I am by no means an energy expert, however, the issues I have dealt with stretch further than the science behind energy efficiency alone. This internship has shown me how to communicate our cause with a variety of audiences, and investigate ways to engage with new groups and communities.

The internship awards you with a high degree of responsibility. Since starting I have played a part in organising events, researching and writing reports, filming in exciting locations, gathering case studies to inform policy and maintaining, editing and writing for a number of social media platforms. Not once have I been asked to make a cup of tea!

There are a range of wonderful opportunities within the internship itself. My fellow interns work on a variety of campaigns and projects, stretching from children and nature, the Neptune Coastline Campaign, policy surrounding our land and landscape and video strategy. No two of us have had the same internship. We have each had a range of tasks set by our helpful, one-to-one mentors and through our own initiatives.

It has been a rewarding experience and definitely one that I would recommend. To find out more visit



3 thoughts on “Opportunity Knocks

  1. heritage is important i come from uk ive not got a pot to piss in but i have a wealth of historical buildings monuments to kings and such like to visit,right on my doorstep when i look out my village theres a castle on a geologiçal wonder of the finest stone,we cant buy such things i naturally gravitated towArds a value in my community ive led a wayward life but always valued my country and the historic buildings i was born at the foot of a castle behind a turnip cart and when i looked up i realised what a beautifull view for me to turn out like a complete tumshy heed a still value my environment

  2. The interns seem to be doing an excellent job for the National Trust, one can only hope that the organisation will reward them for their hard work.. Good luck to them

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