5 Ways to Digitally Detox

Julia Bush, Campaigns Assistant at the Wild Network, helps us tear our eyes away from the screen and get back to our special places

Here’s the problem: you’ve admitted to yourself that you’re addicted to screens, which is the first step, but beyond that you’re stuck. You’ve tried turning your phone off and walking away, but it’s always the same – before you know it you’ve lost three days chasing your high score on Temple Run. To help, we’ve compiled this list of ways to ditch the digital grind that don’t include trekking to a remote yoga retreat somewhere deep in the Himalayas.

1 – Post your phone charger to yourself

Get your charger, put it in an envelope and address it to yourself. Pop it in the post box and – ta-da! – you have two to three days of phoneless, hassle free bliss. If the Post Office loses it, even better.

Cost: The price of a second class stamp – about 50p, we reckon.

2 – Remember life before email

There was a time, long before the memory of Justin Bieber worshipping preteens who assume that Twitter was invented somewhere around the same time as the wheel, when we did not need WhatsApp to communicate with each other. Embrace the good old fashioned way of keeping up with friends and handwrite them a letter or drop round their house unannounced.

Cost: Nothing.

3 – Go analogue

The irony of paying hundreds of pounds for a phone that can take retro-looking photos isn’t lost on us. Try out the real thing and swap Instagram for that well-loved and totally hipster film camera you have lurking in the back of a cupboard. Think about all the memories it’s captured over the years – wedding engagements, baby photos, family holidays – and shoot from the hip.

Cost: The price of buying film and getting it developed. Still cheaper than paying £549 for an iPhone.

4 – Go off-piste

Wrap up warm and go for a wander around town without the safety blanket of Google Maps on your Android. Take wrong turnings. Get lost. Look up, look around, and discover the hidden secrets of your city you’d have missed if you’d taken the direct route home.

Cost: Nothing. Unless you get completely lost, in which case, the taxi fare home.

5 – Trek to a remote yoga retreat somewhere deep in the Himalayas

On second thoughts, you could do this. Extra points for picking somewhere without air conditioning or flushing loos, either.

Cost: You can’t put a price on spiritual enlightenment, man.

For more ideas, take a look at projectwildthing.com/wildtime


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