Project Wild Thing is released on DVD

What are your favourite memories from childhood? I bet a lot of them involve being outside, climbing trees and getting your knees muddy.

They are experiences that many children are missing out on. A recent RSPB report found that only 1 in 5 children are ‘connected to nature’.

It’s a theme central to PROJECT WILD THING, an amazing new feature-length documentary film that takes a funny and revealing look at the increasingly fragile connection between kids and nature.

Released in cinemas nationwide on 25th October, the film is coming out on DVD on 9th December. The National Trust is giving you the chance to get hold of it a full three days before everyone else! Buy it online for just £10 today!

Project Wild Thing is released on DVD today!

Project Wild Thing is released on DVD today!

Project Wild Thing follows filmmaker and father-of-two, David Bond, as he battles to reconnect a generation of British kids with nature. His journey takes him from a remote Scottish island and the hills of North Wales to inner city housing estates. The Guardian’s Patrick Barkham called it ‘funny, alarming and uplifting. This film will change your life.’ Watch the trailer here.

The film is being used to launch a major campaign to reconnect kids in the UK with nature. It’s supported by the Wild Network, a rapidly-growing movement of over 1000 organisations and thousands of individuals who are passionate about getting children back into nature. Published last year, our Natural Childhood report, delved into the barriers to children’s disconnection from nature. We are incredibly proud to be supporting the film and campaign.

With the Wild Network we’re encouraging families to take the Wild Time pledge and get 30 minutes more ‘wild time’ every day. You can take the pledge and join the movement at

Project Wild Thing is a Trojan Horse in the Christmas stocking: the only film you’ll watch that will make you want to switch off the TV and get outdoors. You can also watch Project Wild Thing on BluRay, online, and in select cinemas.


One thought on “Project Wild Thing is released on DVD

  1. Yes this is excellent work from a nature caring parent but I have to wonder how many parents today are connected to nature. It wouldn’t surprise me if less than 1 in 5 adults are, so is there anything we can do to reconnect them as an even more powerful way of reaching those children ignorant of the great outdoors.

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