Green Open Homes Competition

LOGOHow would you like to receive £20,000 to open your front door?

 Green Open Homes, a new network supported by the National Trust, has today launched a competition for power pioneers and green champions to win this top prize to host their own open homes event.

 Run by the Centre for Sustainable Energy in partnership with Bristol Green Doors, Green Open Homes supports low carbon open homes events in communities across England by offering free resources, advice and a new online hub. (hyper link to

 The network aims to help local groups and organisations show off the energy saving improvements that make their house a home which is fit for the future – and hopefully inspire their neighbours to do the same.

 The competition launched this week is open to groups from across England. Winners will get between £500 and £20,000 in funding, along with expert advice and support. Plus, the event will feature on the Green Open Homes website with a page that lists all the information your house guests might need.

 If this sounds like a competition for you, take a look at  to find out more and apply.

 Here’s the Ts and Cs…

 Funding will be allocated to winning entries from a pot on a first come, first served basis, and events need to take place before the end of May 2014. The application deadline for the first funding round is September 30, but don’t worry if you need a bit longer to apply – they’ll announce another round of winners on December 20.

© Bristol Green Doors Showing insulation to visitors.

© Bristol Green Doors
Showing insulation to visitors


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