Cars powered by nature? Even our dogs are getting in on it

How would you like to power your car off sunshine and rain? Five vans at the National Trust do just this every week.

And everyone else could do it too, absolutely free – that is if a. you have got an electric car and b. you are travelling in Wales. 

Renault Kangoo Van and Dog

NT Snowdon farm dog Merc loves this Renault Kangoo electric van

 More than 50 electric points have been installed at National Trust properties, many of which are powered by renewables such as solar panels, hydro schemes and biomass boilers.

The electric points, which were installed free of charge by Zero Carbon World, are peppered from Llandudno to beyond Dinefwr. This means that if a driver so desired, they could follow a stunning route through Wales, from nearly top to bottom, without running out of battery power.


Zero Carbon World, who work with our energy partner Good Energy, have a vision to develop a national, open network of charging locations powered by 100% renewable electricity.

And just in case you need some more persuading on the virtues of electric cars, here is a nice shiny blue one…


Still not sold, take a look at this great blogpost by an ‘eco funky traveller’ in Wales.  


4 thoughts on “Cars powered by nature? Even our dogs are getting in on it

  1. Interesting thought this. Like the idea of charging stations through the mountains. Thats one of the problems of electric vehicles, Hills not so good for them. Wonder what the range of something like a Nisaan Leaf is through Snowdonia. Is there accomodation alongside these charging points? Overnight/long term stays might be neccassary too during recharging…or even better somewhere to pitch a tent and be super eco friendly 🙂

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