Bristol’s BIG Green Week

BGW secondary landscape logoTalking about the state of our environment shouldn’t be all doom and gloom. In just under a week’s time Bristol will play host to BIG Green Week, the world’s leading festival on sustainability, arts and culture that aims to tackle climate change in a fun and vibrant way.

With over 120 events on campaigning, nature, green business innovation, energy, community engagement and sustainable food, it’s not surprising that both the National Trust and green energy partner Good Energy are both supporting the festival.

Park Street Playground 2 Bristol has been leading the way as a sustainable city for a number of years now, something which the National Trust SW fully supports (see a previous blog about the National Trust and other organisations’ campaign for a Green Mayor in Bristol). On Monday 17th June our Environment Advisor, Malcolm Anderson will be joined by the Soil Association, Environment Agency and other leading environmental organisations in the region to discuss the future of Bristol as a Green Capital. Independent mayor George Ferguson will also lay out his eco-vision for Bristol. 

General - debate event 2

 On Friday night, Juliet Davenport, CEO of Good Energy will be joined on stage with other leading eco-campaigners John Sauven, Fiona Ward, Charles Secrett and Jonathon Porritt to discuss the future of the environmental movement.2013 FareFashion Show

Other highlights include the gala FareFashion evening; a champagne reception and 15 course meal being cooked up with food that would otherwise have gone to waste and accompanied with an ethical fashion show and talk by fashion guru Tamsin Lejeune.

BIG Market 13

These highlights, complemented with a range of free family events, carbon cutting workshops and lively debates are fantastic ways of communicating serious issues about the environment and place-shaping in engaging ways. Using these positive messages to inspire Bristol communities to look after their special places is something the National Trust and Good Energy both support.

Come to any of the events and be inspired to make a change at this year’s BIG Green Week, 15th – 23rd June.

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