What the coast means to me: Clare Mullin

Last time in this series, Howard Bristol, our Neptune Coastline Intern, asked what the coast means to him. This week, our Brand & Marketing Director, Clare Mullin, tells us about her favourite coastal location, Gillan Cove, and why it has come to be such a special place for her and her family.

Gillan Cove

Gillan Cove, Cornwall, photographed by Clare Mullin

In my heart I am a girl who loves the sea and the UK coastline. I am equally happy on a boat, walking the coastline or lying in bed listening to the wind and waves. But when I am away from the coast something is always missing. 

A rocky cove in South West Cornwall, Gillan Cove holds the dearest place in my heart. It is on the Lizard peninsular, on the South West coastal path and is south of the Helford River. Every season holds different excitement but my favourite few weeks are in May when the deep pink foxgloves wave in the wind. 

Gillan is the place that evokes some of my happiest memories. It was here that I learnt to swim, sail, climb rocks and spent hours hunting for cowrie shells (and continue to..). One summer we shared the cove with a friendly Dolphin who played along side our sailing dinghies. 

Kayaking on the Helford River, Cornwall

Kayaking on the Helford River, Cornwall

It was a very big signal for my now husband when I asked him to come and spend his first few days in Gillan. This love of Gillan has now been passed down to our children who want to go there more than anywhere else. I find it amazing that places can hold such strong cross-generational memories.

Sometimes I just need to get away from life and recharge my batteries and feel totally at peace with myself and the world. Gillan is the only place where I can truly do this. I often wonder why? Is it because it holds so many memories, or because it is a truly beautiful place, or is it simply that it looks exactly the same as it did 40 years ago? My relationship with Gillan is very personal – important people in my life have been to Gillan with me, but I always get butterflies when they first arrive, almost as if I am introducing friends to a very special boyfriend. Will the magic and beauty of this place affect them like it does me?

  • If you love the coast and would like to share your memories with us, feel free to add your own comments at the end of this post.

One thought on “What the coast means to me: Clare Mullin

  1. I feel similar emotions whenever I visit Falmouth and head out of town along the Coast Path. Many happy memories of childhood holidays near Maenporth and being a student at the university. The town changes all the time but the coastal views remains the same. I love boat trips along the Fal and across to St Mawes and looking back at the town from the waters edge. Beautiful!

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