Lytes Carey Allotments

At the weekend, I visited Lytes Cary, in South Somerset. I went expecting to see the house and gardens – and stunning though they are, so far, so National Trust property. What I didn’t expect to come accross was 40 beautiful community allotment plots, complete with a bizarre cast of scarecrows…

There were of course some delicious looking vegetables, too.

It’s not just about the veg, though. These allotments are clearly an important part of the community, with events throughout the year to help people get together, learn new skills and have fun – five of the plots are set aside for schools and community groups too. An interpretation board demonstrates how important the allotments are to community members, and the interactive ‘Season’s Eatings’ board encourages visitors to the property to get into the allotments, have a nose around and get inspiration for their own gardens or plots.

Stumbling across these allotments on my day out was a very pleasant surprise. Why not discover more for yourself about the allotments at Lytes Carey and our other work in food and farming?

Have you got any examples of where a local community has used food as a tool to come together? Please share your experiences with us using the comments box below.

Blog by Ellen Reaich, External Affairs Assistant

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