Thank you

The dust has settled since the final National Planning Policy Framework was published on 27 March, to a broadly positive reception.

We continue to scrutinise the small print, on the look out for technicalities and details which could cause problems, both for the places we are directly responsible for, but with a keen eye on what it means for everybody as they continue to champion the places they care about.

Planning decisions are already being affected by the NPPF which is now in force. Check out Communities Secretary Eric Pickles’ latest call. As we anticipated, with the roll-out of any new planning policy, there follows a period of uncertainty and testing.

Thank you
Meanwhile, we would like to say a big THANK YOU (pdf / 135kb) to our campaigners and supporters. By signing our Planning for People petition, you let Government know you expected big changes to the draft planning document. You reinforced our mandate to campaign to get planning policy right. Your letters to MPs and Ministers underlined just how passionately people care about places.

The final planning policy now in place could have been much, much worse without your help.

Now, only time and effort on everybody’s part will ensure that planning really is for people, as well as the environment and the economy.

Blog post by Claire Graves, National Trust Senior Press Officer


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