Retail therapy

Mary Portas published her review into the future of our high streets today. Ian Wilson, our Head of Government Affairs, liked what she had to say:

“Mary Portas makes 28 good recommendations that would help to reinvigorate our high streets. She has taken a common sense approach and it’s refreshing to see her direct references to the importance of community involvement and neighbourhood planning in ensuring our high streets do have a future.

We particularly welcome her recommendation that there should be an explicit presumption in favour of town centre development in the wording of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

“We also think it is important to use the historic environment in our towns and cities to generate a distinctive sense of place. This can help us overcome the ‘one size fits all’ approach that currently characterises many of our high streets.

“National Trust Enterprises includes a significant number of retail outlets. The income generated by these shops is essential in funding our conservation work. High street locations for our shops is an area we are reviewing, so we will take a keen interest in the pilots Mary has advocated to test her concepts.”


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