Monday 10 October: This is not simply Nimbyism, Lawyers will thrive while the countryside suffers – Media round-up

Today in the Telegraph was a letter from a resident of South Pool in Devon. He argued that the campaign against the planning reforms, being organised by groups such as ourselves is not simply nimbyism. South Pool has a Coastal Protection Zone, a Conservation Area, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. If this parish is affected, the unprotected English countryside is doomed. Elsewhere, the Daily Mail ran the story that Ministers are offering councils hefty bribes to encourage them to build more. Paradoxically, this comes at a time when councils are being asked to make swingeing cuts

 The ugly face of the proposed planning framework as seen from a rural parish in Devon

Organisations like the Campaign to Protect Rural England and the National Trust have voiced strong opposition against the planning reforms. Our small rural parish of South Pool in Devon has studied the draft, is equally opposed, and is moved to write, to demonstrate that opposition extends across the spectrum. The text of the draft framework is unintelligible, with an absence of properly defined terms. Its lack of precision will allow any interpretation. Lawyers will thrive while the countryside suffers.

Ministers offer councils £1bn ‘bribe’ to build more homes on greenfield sites

Councils are being offered £1billion to push through plans to build new homes on greenfield sites.Ministers were accused of bribery yesterday when it emerged that millions upon millions will be used to gather support for the controversial policy. The ‘new homes bonus’ will go to local authorities that participate in a building boom the Tories say is vital for the economy. For example, a development of 3,700 houses at East Coker in Somerset would net the local council around £54million in grants.

One thought on “Monday 10 October: This is not simply Nimbyism, Lawyers will thrive while the countryside suffers – Media round-up

  1. It is outrageous that top grade agricultural land (as at East Coker) is even being considered for building, when in the foreseeable future the world will be in food deficit and when transport costs and carbon emissions are soaring.
    Building houses is only the first step because then the transport infrastructure will need improving, and there will be a need for more employment, and hence more land will be given over to development of business parks etc and so on. Then the countryside that encouraged people to move will not be there and the next rural outpost will be threatened.
    There is also a big question over whether, with such high house prices that no house owner wants to see fall, the country can build its way out of depression by flooding the market with new builds, such that house prices fall to affordable levels. Hmmm, not sure that will appeal to Tory voters.

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