Sunday 9 October: Ministers offer housing ‘bribes’ – Media round-up

The Sunday Times revealed today that Ministers are trying to bribe councils with £1 billion in handouts to force through housing developments on greenfield sites. Elsewhere in the paper, Charles Clover argued that there was a need for the debate over planning reforms to consider the demise of adequately sized gardens. Meanwhile, Matt Chorley, Jane Merrick and Andrew McCorkell of the Independent asked the question, who’s telling the truth about planning?

 Ministers Offer £1 billion in Housing Bribes (pg. 22)

At a time when almost all local authorities are having to make cuts, the government is planning to give out large grants to sweeten its planning reforms. These will be given only to local authorities that participate in a boom in building.

 Well, look who’s been shrinking all the gardens

Why aren’t we building houses with proper gardens? The question has been little debated in the controversy over the government’s planning reforms. There are home truths that neither Nimbys nor developers like to hear. But greenspace is a vital component of what in the 1970s we used to call the human environment – we need it for excersise and well being.

Who’s telling the truth about planning? 

The National Trust is to be allowed to “claim victory” in its battle with the Government to restrict planning, while behind the scenes ministers plough ahead with reforms to kickstart development across the country, The Independent on Sunday has learnt. Ministers are already drawing up changes to their draft planning framework designed to appease the conservation group and other countryside campaigners.


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