Saturday 8 October: Ray Mears says wild places ‘are more under threat than ever before’ – Media round-up

Ray Mears today spoke out about the planning refoms, joining a growing chorus of voices concerned about unrestrained development. He warned that a shortage of green spaces can lead to the sort of social disruption witnessed during the summer’s riots.

 Loss of green spaces breeds social strife, warns Mears

Responding to the Government’s proposed radical planning reforms, Mears said that a rising population was not an excuse to create a concrete jungle. “You can still get away from everything. Despite the populous nature of our country, there are still great opportunities for feeling a sense of wildness,” he said. He warned that open spaces were constantly under threat from developers.

His comments come after The Telegraph launched the Hands Off Our Land campaign. Explaining his fears, Mears, who returns to ITV1 next Friday with the second series of Wild Britain, said: “Roads are much busier than they were. There are a lot more people around. We need to develop a new reverence for wild places. They are more important and more under threat than ever before.”

 Peace breaks out (for now at least) in the planning row (pg. 29)

Despite the recent outburst from Francis Maude, the Government seems to be quietly getting down to amending the draft National Policy Planning Framework to take account of the widespread criticisms from groups such as ourselves and the CPRE.



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