Friday 30 September: Ministers ‘know nothing’ about planning, claims developer – Media round-up

As the Labour Party Conference came to a close, the planning reform debate carried on. With Labour now on board, they joined the Women’s Institute, 38 degrees, the Campaign for Better Transport, and a whole raft of environmental groups, all opposed to the Government’s planning reforms.

In the media, The Telegraph revealed another story which once again shed light on the “naivety” of the Minister’s that have been responsible for the planning reforms, whilst elsewhere other sources celebrated our achievement of 100,000 petition signatures.

Ministers ‘know nothing’ about planning, claims developer

Mike Slade, the chief executive of Helical Bar and chairman of the Conservative Property Forum, described Grant Shapps, the housing minister, as a “kid” who did not understand how local authorities worked. Mr Slade, 56, added that he was “always horrified” by the naivety of ministers, who needed help from the property industry to understand “the rights and wrongs of what they are trying to do”.

Speech in full – Caroline Flint

Caroline Flint MP discussed the debate over the NPPF at Labour Party conference, saying that the Government’s “planning reforms have already caused confusion and alarm. But we are living in strange times when the Government reveals that the National Trust is part of a vast left-wing conspiracy. I must be going to the wrong meetings. Of course, we all want an effective planning system that is able to meet our future needs for housing, transport and infrastructure, and which supports jobs and growth.”


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