Wednesday 28 September: 100,000 petition signatures and counting – Media round-up

We officially reached the 100,000 mark on our petition yesterday, and the number is still going up. 82,000 have signed a similar petition organised by the campaign group 38 degrees, and thousands of others have signed petitions organised by other groups such as the CPRE.

With the number still going up we will not stop here, but will keep pushing for more up until 17th October, when the petition is officially handed in and the consultation process on the NPPF officially closes.

The Press Association100,000 demand planning rethink

More than 100,000 people have signed a National Trust petition calling on the Government to rethink its controversial planning reforms. Around 82,000 people have signed another petition run by campaign organisation 38 Degrees to “save our countryside” from the reforms. Dame Fiona Reynolds, director-general of the National Trust, said: “Growing numbers of people are saying that the Government needs to re-think its planning changes… It is absolutely vital that this public concern is heard as part of the consultation process.”

 Send developers into towns, not the country (pg. 22)

Property and planning don’t always have to go wrong. The last century may be littered with horrendous mistakes but there have also been some inspirational stories explains Alice Thompson.

 Campaigners are right to say we can have affordable housing without destroying the countryside 

Charles Moore is correct (Comment, September 26), when has says that the National Trust has generally chosen to concentrate on the property it owns for the nation. But its founders were not afraid to campaign to protect the countryside.


One thought on “Wednesday 28 September: 100,000 petition signatures and counting – Media round-up

  1. Your campaign should be supported by everyone in the country. You are doing a fantastic and level-headed job for “ordinary” countryside as well as the NT’s own land and the green belt. But 100,000 out of 3 million plus members is miserable!

    Why is the campaign not blazed across your web site? It should be the first thing people see when they log on to you! You have to dig for it! As a life member I have still to be sent something about it – what I have learnt is from the papers! Why nothing in the autumn magazine for instance?

    The consultation period will soon be over; it will then be too late.

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