Monday 26 September: The campaign spreads to the local levels – Media round-up

The campaign has been spreading around the country, with many local papers picking up the story and highlighting the implications of the NPPF in their region. We have also had much interest from local county councillors at our stall at the Labour Party Conference, all of whom are hugely concerned about the dangers of the NPPF for their local spaces.

Help stop destruction of our many green spaces

We are asking members of the public to sign an online petition in objection to the Government’s planned changes to the National Planning Policy Framework. If your readers care about their local green spaces, I would ask them to please sign our petition by visiting

Anything – and all – goes

Respected national organisations like the Campaign to Protect Rural England and the National Trust are mounting campaigns against the policy as it does not protect green spaces or promote regeneration of existing urban environments – please support their campaign by signing their online petitions.

Wdp mast.pngThe Battle for the Countryside

We need to send a clear message to the Government over its proposals to change the national planning system.  Get involved by visiting the National Trust’s website,


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