Sunday 25 September: The countryside already lost through the NPPF – Media round-up

The Telegraph today revealed a number of areas where the controversial planning reforms, which are still going through a consultation process, are already being used to approve building developments. The Mail also revealed that there are already plans for 300,000 homes on green field sites as developers are exploiting changes in planning regulation.

 Fields lost as builders jump planning gun

Planning officials have cited the Government’s proposed changes to the planning system in a series of contentious decisions even though the new guidelines have yet to come into force. Approval has been granted to developments that will see meadows and green fields making way for new housing, office buildings and industrial lorry parks. Housing developers have also begun using the reforms to appeal planning refusals.

 Plans for 300,000 homes on green field sites as developers exploit change in rules

Developers are to exploit a controversial change in the planning laws by building more than 300,000 homes on green field sites, campaigners claimed yesterday. A study by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) found that 230 major projects are already in the pipeline in anticipation of the Government’s new National Planning Policy Framework. The proposals involve building 313,000 new homes. These include 75,000 on previously protected Green Belt land. The rest would be built on undeveloped green field sites.


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