Wednesday 21 September: David Cameron states “I promise to protect the countryside” – Media round-up

David Cameron today took the unusual step of intervening in an ongoing Government consulation by promising to protect the countryside. In an open letter to us, via The Telegraph, he clarified that the planning system must balance social, environmental and economic needs. And he sought to assure conservation organisations that the environmental benefits of developments will be assessed before new projects are given permission.  He went on to insist that he is committed to the “magnificent countryside” and said the “beautiful British landscape is a national treasure”.

David Cameron: I promise to protect the countryside

The Prime Minister’s views on the Government’s controversial planning reforms are disclosed for the first time in a letter sent last night by Mr Cameron to the National Trust. A copy of Mr Cameron’s letter, seen by The Daily Telegraph, reads: “Let me say at the outset that I absolutely share and admire your commitment to the countryside, and wholeheartedly agree that policy-makers have an enormous responsibility to our environment…Both as Prime Minister, as a rural constituency MP, and as an individual, I have always believed that our beautiful British landscape is a national treasure.

 David Cameron writes to National Trust

On BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, there was coverage of our moves to resume discussions with the government after David Cameron intervened in a debate over changes to the planning system in England. We are mentioned at the following times: (06:03, 06:07, 06:31, 06:44, 07:03, 07:32, 08:05)

 Cameron’s pledge to National Trust over planning reforms

The Daily Mail also covered the news that David Cameron has written to us to offer reassurances over planning reforms. The shake-up will balance the environmental, social and economic dimensions of developments, the Prime Minister promised.

The letter to us from David Cameron can be accessed here.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday 21 September: David Cameron states “I promise to protect the countryside” – Media round-up

  1. The problem with this is that David cameron, like Eric Pickles and Greg Clark, fails to ackowledge WHY the NT and others believe the draft NPPF gives inadequate protection against unsuitable development in inappropriate places. It is all reassuring rhetoric, rendered unconvincing by the absence of anything but generalised waffle and undefined terminology in the NPPF itself. The only explicit proposals are those which restrict local planners and local communities do control development (for example, by allowing upwards-only amendment to Local Plan allocations in Neighbourhood Plans)

  2. I cannot believe the ill conceived nature of these proposals .
    Firstly they are admitted from a leaked e mail to have been part penned by developers ( daily Telegraph).
    Secondly Greg Clark then urges his development colleagues to lobby Govt in case they get cold feet ( Telegraph also ). Thirdly ( what a surprise ! ) the developers answer the call with pantomime outbursts of synthetic rage accusing planning of being the root of all evil ( the Times front page last week ).

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