Sunday 18 September: How the walls came crumbling down – Media round-up

The pro-NPPF began to crumble over the weekend with various pieces of evidence coming out that question the validity of the regulation. The National Trust was at the Liberal Democrat party conference to discuss planning, and took the topic right to the top of the agenda.

House building for UK growth? Or ‘ripping the lungs out of England’? 

Over the summer, Britain has heard tales of political donations totalling millions, of drinks parties and clandestine caucuses, of collusion between politicians and property developers. The result, claim some, is that wide-eyed ministers have effectively given carte blanche to builders eager to asphalt the New Forest and erect 20,000 executive homes in its stead. In this article Ed Howker explores a number of claims put forward by the government in regards to the planning reforms, and tests their truth.

 Bodger Greg’s planning rules are crumbling


Eric Pickles and Greg Clark apparently see nothing wrong in developers giving the Conservative party £3.3 million over the past three years. Payments for access? Absolutely not. But a growing number of people in Osbourne and Clark’s party are beginning to see the folly of this association – not least the many party members who belong to the National Trust and the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).



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