Friday 16th September: Cameron feels the pressure of criticism from within – A media round-up

While the PM remains fixed to his position on the planning reforms, despite the mounting criticism from both outside and inside his party, further evidence has again reminded us of the deeply unbalanced nature of the NPPF.

Cameron ‘relishes’ planning war with National Trust as charity aims to halt  urban sprawl

The Prime Minister has defended his position, but somewhat diminished his air of maturity today by squaring up to the National Trust over planning reforms. Downing Street is reported to be increasingly irritated by our campaign, despite our intentions to focus on policy, not politics. The fact Cameron is digging in his heels reflects the pressure he is likely to be feeling from within his own party.

 Ministers warped my vision for planning, says policy adviser

Even more evidence on the overwhelming focus on economic growth in the NPPF has been found. Simon Marsh of the RSPB relays his view that much of the expert advise the government received to create a balanced planning framework has been disregarded, and environmental values overridden by economic ones.


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