Wednesday 7 September: National Trust Urges Government to Re-think the ‘Developer’s Charter’ – A media round up

We have once again urged the government to consider a u-turn on its proposed planning reforms. With George Osbourne and Eric Pickles refusing to compromise we asked our 3.8 million members to join the debate and take action against this poorly written, extremely biased piece of regulation.

Search for common ground, not a battlefield

Alice Thompson argues that the Conservatives should stand for both conservation and home-owning. The two needn’t be incompatible. She goes on to state that the National Trust, the RSPB, English Heritage and CPRE aren’t saying “no more homes in the countryside”. They aren’t even saying “no” to building on greenfield sites. They are just pointing out that the National Planning Policy Framework is badly drafted, skewed too far in favour of developers and will have unintended consequences.

National Trust criticises draft planning reforms

The National Trust has criticised draft planning reforms, saying the system should protect public interests, not primarily promote economic growth. External Affairs Director Ben Cowell stated: “The danger is, the way the document has been written. The tension within government policy is between localism and economic growth and they come down clearly on the side of economic growth. So local people will be given the power to say yes but not the power to say no.”

Planning law talks due between National Trust and ministers as anger mounts

 The National Trust met the government to argue that the Coalition should scrap its controversial new planning guidelines as opposition anger continues at the proposals.


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