Tuesday 6 September: MPs back the National Trust’s Planning Reform Campaign – Media round up

Whilst MPs challenged the planning reform in parliament, seriously questioning both the logic and ideology behind the piece of regulation, coverage of the debate increased further with more and more journalists backing our campaign. 


National Trust calls on members to fight planning reforms

 Our director, Fiona Reynolds, has begun to mobilise support amongst our membership base. She stated that the planning reforms “which are supposedly in the public interest, come at far too high a price … They put at serious risk so much that we all love and treasure. With these changes comes a huge risk to our countryside, historic environment and the precious local places that are so important for us all. The planning reforms could lead to unchecked and damaging development on a scale not seen since the 1930s.”

 Rural England Under Threat From Planning Laws

BBC Radio 2’s Jermey Vine today hosted a discussion on his show about the controversial planning reforms being debated at the moment up and down the country.

Political Scrapbook


Planning minister tabled legislation to make it harder to build houses

The influential blog, Political Scrapbook, has picked up on the news that Greg Clark tabled legislation in 2006 to make it harder to build houses as a result of proposed developments within his own constituency in Tunbridge Wells.


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