Wednesday 24 August: more coverage…

So, the war of words continues. When will Minister Greg Clark get the point that greenbelt isn’t our concern?

Daily Mail – National Trust blasted by minister for ‘laughable’ fears that the Green Belt could be gobbled up by developers

Same again in the Daily Mirror – Trust hits back in planning law row

While the Daily Telegraph  headline is National Trust’s ‘nihilistic selfishness’ on planning




One thought on “Wednesday 24 August: more coverage…

  1. At all costs KEEP the petition going! As good as this is though in my experience at local level, neither central nor local govenment listen to petitions, letters, or any other from of ‘civlised’ expression of concern or viewpoint. Web-based campaigns; outdoor actions may have to be considered to get the ruling party to listen and pay attention to its citizens’ democratic right to be governed failry.Or am I missing something..? Perhaps our government isnt voted in to serve its citizens?

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