Tuesday 23 August: Planning Minister hits out again – and our response

Planning Minister Greg Clarke has once again hit out at the National Trust for opposing the government’s planning reforms with an interview in the Financial Times.

In response we have said:

“Greg Clark and his colleagues at DCLG seem to think that greenbelts and other designated areas of countryside are all that anyone cares about. They are not, as the Government should have realised from the forestry debacle earlier this year.

 “Our primary concern is what the government’s reforms threaten to do to the everyday places in and around cities, towns and villages that are hugely valued by local communities.

 “To say we have a nihilistic view on housing is equally odd. We have developed hundreds of homes ourselves and have existing permission to build hundreds more on land that we own.

 “We believe strongly that any development must meet the needs of people, the environment as well as the economy. 

 “The government has failed to do this in its reforms. It has put short term financial gain ahead of everything else. It has failed to protect the everyday places that local communities love. It has given the power in planning to the already powerful.

 “Whilst the Government is making warm noises about local communities in practice the dice are heavily loaded to favour development and local people simply won’t get enough say.”


6 thoughts on “Tuesday 23 August: Planning Minister hits out again – and our response

  1. The local people have had their say for years and what has it caused? A complete lack of homes for the future of Britain, the young, and very expensive houses.

    Due to NIMBYISM the new planning proposals must have a default setting of ‘YES’ otherwise the young will not be able to work hard and afford a home.

    Its time to build lots of houses and at the end there will still be plenty of countryside and no revolution…

  2. Agree. It’s more of the same – ‘short term financial gain’ before the welfare of the public. Profligate cuts which benefit the wealthy at the expense of the majority or ‘reforms’ as here which are spin terms for change/deletion/theft.

  3. I am a member of the National Trust and I support all that the trust stands for. However I am thouroughly disgusted in their challange to the Governments NPPF.

    The country is facing a huge housing shortage and first time buyers is at an all time low, due to demand far outstripping new supply and thus driving up prices.

    I whole heartedly support the Governments new Planning Framework, and I would ask the Trust and the CPRE to get their facts straight and stop scaremongering about this new policy.

    • Like you Steve, I’m an extremely hacked-off member of the NT who believes they have over-reacted in the extreme on this issue.

      Try raising it with the NT and you’ll be hit with a wall of silence. They act like Trade Union Barons of the 1970’s, running their own politically motivated campaigns using OUR membership money without our consent.

  4. I believe that virtually all rural developments under these proposals will be motivated purely on the basis of commercial gain and local ‘benefit’ will be minimal or probably non existant. It stands to reason that land with planning approval for housing will increase substantially in value and that it would be logical for a landowner to accept a greatly increased offer for such a parcel of land. Similarly, a prospective developer will have only a commercial motive to build–maximising the value of properties with little concern for the local community. It is likely to result in more high value ‘executive’ homes offering nothing to hard pressed lower income locals.

  5. Happy 2012.

    Last year less new homes were built than any year since 1948..lets hope 2012 can bring changes with the default setting of ‘YES’ to planning applications being passed despite NT objections.

    As an NT member as well their opposition is infuriating. There will still be plenty of countryside left after building enough new houses and our children may have a future without paying crazily high house prices.

    Lets protect the children of the future first and then the countryside NOT the other way round.

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