Thursday 18 August: Some like it, some don’t

Those in favour of the NPPF
They clearly know which side their bread is buttered, but where’s the evidence that it’s planning which has held up the delivery of homes, infrastructure and jobs needed by UK Plc?

To quote, “The reforms proposed by Government to bring about a planning system which is more workable for the local community and more responsive to public need are therefore to be welcomed.”

And those not so
So, it’s interesting that the town planners think otherwise: “Economic growth is generally set to trump the aspirations of local communities expressed in local and neighbourhood plans. The relationship between the presumption in favour of sustainable development and the primacy of locally-led development plans is not clear.”

They’re also planning a ‘myth busting’ campaign – should be interesting…


2 thoughts on “Thursday 18 August: Some like it, some don’t

  1. Couldn’t agree more. When I look at what our local planning authority is proposing -its a numbers game Nothing in their processes/strategy takes account of the qualitative impact of their proposals on existing settlements. Our Local PA (Dacorum) has just adopted a higher level of development than was in anyway supported by their consultative process – because they are scared that speculative developers will have carte blanch to develop on Green belt (under new guide lines) if they do not provide the maximum number of homes hey can squeeze in irrespective of the needsof local communities. In other words Speculative Developers are now driving planning decisions.

  2. One wonders who is pulling the strings in our country. We have already witnessed the power of Rupert Murdoch in dictating to Cameron to constrict and limit the BBC to his advantage. Is this latest move a result of ‘lobbying’ by property developers?

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