Thursday 28 July: Our response to The Daily Telegraph

SIR – Liz Peace and Dr Adam Marshall’s letter on the National Trust and the government’s planning reforms is puzzling.  (Letters to the Editor, 28 July 2011)

We have made it very clear that our concerns were not about the protections that have been retained for designated places (green belt, National Parks and AONBs). We are pleased to see these things picked out for special treatment, though we will be looking closely at the detail.

Rather, our point was about the overall effect of the draft framework, which puts considerations of profit and driving the economy forward above those of people and places. Our criticisms on these points have not been answered, which is why we have demanded that the Government thinks again before going down this road.

The National Trust believes in growth as we all do – but not at any cost. Development that works must pass a triple bottom line test – by showing that it meets the needs of people and the environment as well as the economy.

Fiona Reynolds

Director-General of the National Trust


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