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Believe in people power – join the Fit for the Future Network

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Want to save yourself and your organisation money, time and hassle? Join the Fit for the Future Network, designed by environmental practitioners, for any organisation wanting to save money, energy or carbon. The network will be launched on 5th November. 

Last year our Environmental Advisers in Wales received a Gold Ashden Award for their excellent energy efficiency and renewable energy work in the region. Energised by the win and with continued support from Ashden and the National Trust, the team have set up a Fit for the Future Network, with the aim of sharing the lessons they have learnt so far, as well as learning from other practitioners’ experiences.

Keith Jones (far right) with Prince Charles and some of last year's Ashden winners.

Keith Jones (far right) with Prince Charles and some of last year’s Ashden winners.

In their own words, Keith and Paul, winners from Wales, describe the network as ‘a support group for doers’, highlighting that the network isn’t about reinventing the wheel; a problem you may have on particular energy projects has usually already been solved – it’s just a case of finding the person who solved it, and learning from them.

For many organisations and institutions working hard to meet their own ambitious environmental targets, aggravated further by the economic pressure from government cuts and rising fuel prices, the prospect of more inter-organisational knowledge and resource sharing is very appealing, after all, why spend time and money working it out the hard way if you can just ask someone in the network?

Delivery of iunsulation to Plas Wewydd in Wales

Delivery of iunsulation to Plas Newydd in Wales

Dozens can see the added value and there is already a great wealth of experience amongst the members; ranging from land-owning orgs such as the Crown Estate and Landmark Trust, sustainability experts like Carbon Leapfrog and Forum for the Future and a range of councils and universities across the UK.

Network member the RNLI are ready to share their experiences, including installation of one of the first ever water source heat pumps.

Network members, the RNLI, are ready to share some of the lessons they learnt from installing of one of the first ever water source heat pumps.

 On 5th November current and prospective network members will have their first afternoon workshop. This will be followed by an evening event open to the great and the good within the sustainability world. Short talks from Helen Ghosh, Sarah Butler-Sloss and Juliet Davenport, (the leading women of the National Trust, Ashden and Good Energy respectively) will precede an evening of networking and drinks.

To grab a piece of the action, or to find out more, please email

There are only a few spaces left for the afternoon workshop, so move fast. Booking is essential for both afternoon and evening sessions.

Watch Ashden’s video to see how #Fit4Future all started

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One thought on “Believe in people power – join the Fit for the Future Network

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